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Official Rio 2016 Olympics posters unveiled

This week, Kanye West asked Ikea to collaborate and the Rio 2016 Olympics kicked off

This week on Dezeen: architecture and design stories about this year's summer Olympics flooded out as the event commenced in Rio de Janeiro this week, while Kanye West hit the headlines after declaring his desire to work with furniture giant Ikea.

Adidas and Stella McCartney unveils Team GB Opening Ceremony outfits
Stella McCartney and Adidas unveil Team GB outfits for Rio Olympics opening ceremony

A number of stories emerged in the build-up to the Olympics opening ceremony, including the event's posters designed by 13 artists, new outfits for Team GB athletes by Adidas and fashion designer Stella McCartney, and a cheeky alternative logo created in light of the Russian doping scandal.

Sailing ramp collapses ahead of Rio de Janeiro Olympics
Olympic sailing ramp collapses ahead of Rio de Janeiro games

The games have been plagued with speculation about whether the venues and facilities would be finished on time, and doubts about the city's readiness were not alleviated by news that a ramp for sailing competitions had collapsed. However, we published a series of photographs showing the stadiums and arenas that completed on time.

Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói by Oscar Neimeyer, 1996
Eight Modernist masterpieces in Rio de Janeiro to visit during the Olympics

We also pulled together Rio's best examples of Modernist architecture and selected seven of the best buildings and interiors recently completed in the city.

Kanye West Ikea
Ikea responds to Kanye West collaboration request

Elsewhere, Kanye West went public with his ambition to make furniture for Ikea during an interview with BBC Radio 1. The Swedish furniture brand was quick to respond to his request, proposing a tongue-in-cheek modular bed that referenced one of the rapper's recent music videos.

Apple swaps gun Emoji for water pistol
Apple replaces its gun with a water pistol in latest emoji update

In other news this week, Apple replaced its revolver emoji for a brightly coloured water pistol in what is believed to be a show of opposition to gun violence, while over 100 high-profile designers sided with the company as it continues an ongoing patent against tech rival Samsung.


The head of one of the world's top architecture schools called for an overhaul of architecture education in the UK following shocking new statistics about the mental health of students, while Dezeen columnist and educator Robert Mull suggested ways to improve the worrying situation in the future.

New Museum for Western Australia by Hassell and OMA
OMA and Hassell design New Museum for Western Australia

OMA and Hassell revealed designs for a major new museum in Perth, Australia, and Frank Gehry was granted permission to build a series of five mixed-use buildings in his home city of Los Angeles.

Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville unveil Manchester skyscraper plans by Make Architects
Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville propose Manchester skyscrapers designed by Make

Former footballers Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville teamed up with architecture office Make to propose a skyscraper on a historically sensitive site in Manchester, and the "world's tallest observation tower" opened in Brighton.

Replacement housing revealed for doomed Robin Hood Gardens
Replacement housing revealed for London's doomed Robin Hood Gardens

Housing designs set to replace London's historic Robin Hood Gardens estate by Brutalist architects Alison and Peter Smithson were released, while the LA-based Getty Foundation donated over $1 million to preserve several Modernist buildings around the world.

Hololens at Venice Architectue Biennale 2016 by Greg Lynn
Augmented reality "will change the way architects work" says Greg Lynn

Architect Greg Lynn explained why he thinks augmented reality will revolutionise the architecture and construction industries and David Adjaye spoke out about his nearly complete museum of African American history, a project he likened to a "bloodbath".

Dezeen's Brexit Design Summit
UK architects and designers call for Brexit manifesto to dispel "elitist" perception

Also this week, designers and architects called for a manifesto to be created, as part of our Brexit design summit, to help the sector thrive once the country leaves the EU.

Straddling bus takes to the roads in China
Traffic-straddling bus makes first test run on Chinese roads

In automotive news, a bus that straddles traffic made its first journey in the Chinese city of Qinhuangdao and Elon Musk announced Tesla's merger with solar panel manufacturer SolarCity.

House Vision exhibition
Sou Fujimoto, Kengo Kuma and more propose future houses in House Vision exhibition

Popular projects this week included visionary housing proposals by world-famous architects, a Vietnamese residence featuring a large tiered garden and an extension to a typical mid-century end-of-terrace house in London.

Wolfram Close by Selencky Parsons
Selencky Parsons adds stepped extension to 1960s terraced house in London

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