A render of the Melt table collection in a pink surrealist landscape

Melt tables by Marble Balloon among new products on Dezeen Showroom

A collection of tables with stone tabletops in the shape of running liquid is among seven new products featured on Dezeen Showroom this week.

A render of the Melt table collection in a pink surrealist landscape

Melt table collection by Marble Balloon

Created by Turkish brand Marble Balloon, Melt is a series of tables with stone tabletops that have been carved to look as if they are melting down the curved wood veneer bases.

Designed with the intention to blur the lines between solidity and fluidity, the collection includes a coffee table, side table and console table.

The Melt table collection was featured on Dezeen Showroom this week, alongside products including a wooden seat informed by the design of chairs from 20th-century Austria and an upholstery fabric made from 100 per cent recycled plastic waste.

Read on to see the rest of this week's new products:

A photograph of the Repose sofa, which was presented on Dezeen Showroom, taken from above in a living room setting

Repose sofa by OKHA via Twentieth

Created by South African interior design studio OKHA, Repose is a sculptural sofa with an organic shape.

The curved form of the sofa was designed to allow a natural flow of circulation while also providing a sculptural furniture piece that acts as a visual anchor.

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A photograph of the Brulla chair in front of a sheer curtain

Brulla chair by Miniforms

Informed by the design of 20th-century Austrian chairs, Brulla is a wooden chair consisting of a circular webbed seat with ash wood legs and backrest.

Created by furniture brand Miniforms, Brulla is available in three finishes and designed to suit contemporary interiors while also being stylistically retro.

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A photograph of samples of Vescom's recylced PET upholstery in different colours

Recycled PET upholstery by Vescom

Made from 100 per cent recycled plastic waste, Vescom's new range of upholstery is available in four types of fabric that each use a classic weaving technique.

Vescom's yarn is made from recycled PET bottles and the fabric is made by weaving one of the 59 colours available with a grey melange yarn, a process which cuts down on excess yarn production.

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A photograph of a circular Reader edit light, which was presented on Dezeen Showroom, mounted on a wall next to a bed

Reader edit by Astro Lighting

Astro Lighting's reader edit is a range of bedside lighting designed for hospitality, commercial, and high-end residential projects.

The lighting range, which is available in classic and contemporary designs, includes wall-mounted fixtures that combine both ambient and task lighting.

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A photograph of Shelved Modular Furniture, which was presented on Dezeen Showroom, used in a living room as a room separator

Shelved Modular Furniture by Shelved

Shelved Modular Furniture is a furniture system that functions as shelving and storage, designed by British brand Shelved.

Users can choose from a selection of pre-made modular arrangements, including TV units, sideboards and display shelving. Alternatively, users can customise the arrangements to suit their needs or create their own design from individual modules.

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A photograph taken from above of 3D carpet, which was presented on Dezeen Showroom, with a black stool

3D Carpet by Talk Carpet

3D Carpet is a flooring design by Talk Carpet that features a dark grey background with white, grey and black decorative curving lines.

The design of the carpet was informed by the Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences' collections in Valencia, Spain, which exhibits prehistoric animal skeletons.

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