Vedana Restaurant
by VTN Architects

Vedana Restaurant by VTN Architects

Highly commended: Hospitality building of the year 2021. VTN Architects has created Vedana Restaurant, located in Vedana Resort – a holiday complex in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam.

Vedana Restaurant is the largest bamboo structure ever made by VTN Architects, which is 16 metres tall and 18 metres wide. The structure is built over an artificial lake facing the Ninh Binh Province mountains.

Situated amongst a blossoming forest, mountains and a lake, the restaurant is in the centre of Vietnam's largest nature reserve.

The dome is made of 36 arch units and cross bracing, using only bamboo, where steel is usually required. This is thanks to the unique low-cost bamboo joints and the use of modular units.

Architects: VTN Architects
Project: Vedana Restaurant
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