Dezeen's Christmas gift guide for architects and designers

From limited-edition watches to folding toys, Postmodern coffee makers to notebooks that turn sketches into digital files, Dezeen editor Anna Winston picks 21 of the best new designs to give an architect or designer this holiday season (+ slideshow).

Mr B by David Weeks

Mr B by David Weeks Studio

New York designer David Weeks collaborated with furniture brand e15 to release this wooden toy that resembles mythical creature Bigfoot and can fold down into a compact cube, just like its predecessor the Cubebot. Get yours from e15 »

The Bradley + Dezeen

The Bradley + Dezeen watch by EOne and Dezeen

Dezeen's own version of the best-selling Bradley watch, originally designed for blind people, features a matt black face with shiny raised hour markings and a matching black leather strap. Get yours from Dezeen Watch Store »

Lego Architecture Studio by Lego

Lego Architecture studio

Although this all-white Lego kit for architects was launched in Europe last year, it's rapidly becoming a perennial favourite with designers whose first taste of building was with the classic children's toy. Get yours from Lego »

Serif TV for Samsung by the Bouroullec brothers


The I-shaped profile of this Samsung TV was designed by French design duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to turn the television into a piece of characterful furniture. Get yours from Samsung »

100 Years of Swiss Design

100 Years of Swiss Design book from Lars Müller Publishers

With projects selected by the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Christian Brändle, Renate Menzi and Arthur Rüegg, and 30 essays by designers and critics, this is the ultimate guide to the last century of Swiss design. The book design by Zurich studio Norm was nominated for the London Design Museum's Designs of the Year. Get yours from Lars Müller Publishers »

Instrmnt 01 DZN Watch

Exclusive, limited edition Instrmnt 01-DZN watch

The limited-edition navy and gold Instrmnt 01 DZN was Dezeen's first ever watch collaboration when it launched, and a small number are still available. Get yours at Dezeen Watch Store »

Pulcina coffee maker by Michele de Lucchi

Michele de Lucchi coffee maker for Alessi

Italian design brand Alessi launched this coffee moka by Memphis Group founding member Michele De Lucchi this summer, just in time to be included in our special season on Postmodern design. Get yours from Alessi »

Cabins by Philip Jodidio with illustrations by Marie-Laure Cruschi

Taschen Cabins book

Text, photographs and illustrations combine in Cabins, which explores the creative solutions devised by architects when presented with limited space. Get yours from Taschen »

Dock Apple Watch charger by Native Union

Dock by Native Union

A block of marble is combined with a rotating metal mounting arm in Native Union's luxury charging dock for the Apple Watch. Gets yours from Native Union »

The New Ballpoint by Minimalux

The New Ballpoint by Minimalux

British design brand Minimalux updated the classic ballpoint pen with a set of four precious-metal editions – with a price tag of £185 for gold and rhodium versions. Get yours from Minimalux »

Naoto Fukasawa kitchen appliances for Muji

Naoto Fukasawa for Muji

Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa's minimalist white pop-up toaster and kettle for Muji proved so popular in Japan, it has now launched in the UK, USA and Europe. Find your nearest Muji store»

Folding Sled by Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies

Folding Sled by Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies

Oak skates support a hinged plastic seat that allows this update on a traditional sled to be folded flat for storage or transport. Get yours from 3R »

Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

Apple pencil

Apple's chief designer Jonathan Ive says that his own team is ditching notepads for the iPad Pro thanks to the Apple Pencil, the stylus-like device with a super-sensitive nib designed to replicate real-life pencils, pens and paintbrushes. Get yours from Apple »

Softbrew teapots by George Sowden

Sowden Softbrew Teapots by George Sowden

George Sowden, one of the original members of the radical Memphis Group of designers, created three porcelain teapot designs containing a steel basket filter with over 160,000 tiny holes to improve the taste of tea. Get yours from Sowden at Home »

Dezeen Book of Interviews

Dezeen Book of Interviews

Featuring interviews with some of the world's most respected and innovative architects and designers, the Dezeen Book of Interviews is available on special offer for just £10 for Christmas. Get yours now at Dezeen Watch Store »

The Indoor Gardening Project by Anderssen and Voll


Oslo designers Torbjørn Andersen and Espen Voll created an entire collection of terracotta and metal indoor-gardening tools – including plant pots and tiny watering cans – for Canadian store Mjölk at the beginning of 2015, and a few pieces are still available online. Get yours at Mjölk »

Moleskine Livescribe notebook

Moleskine notebook by Livescribe

The notebook brand beloved by architects and designers now produces a range of its classic black-bound books that work with a Livescribe pen to turn notes and sketches into digital files. Get yours from Moleskine »

Double O Bike Lights by Paul Cocksedge

Double O bicycle lights by Paul Cocksedge_dezeen_51sq

London designer Paul Cocksedge created these circular lights that can slot onto a bike lock when not in use last year, and they were nominated for the London Design Museum's 2015 Design of the Year. Get yours from Paul Cocksedge »

Jurassic Light by Studio Dessuant Bone


Studio Dessuant Bone designed this lamp inspired by the seaside coast of Dorset to mark British design brand Another Country's fifth anniversary. Get yours from Another Country »

Brew coffee set by Tom Dixon


Designed to reintroduce ritual to the everyday process of coffee making, Tom Dixon's copper-plated coffee set can be bought as individual pieces or as a full collection. Get yours from Tom Dixon »

Vesper vibrator by Crave

Vesper vibrator necklace by Crave

This stainless-steel vibrator that can be worn as a necklace and charged via a USB port on a computer could make someone's holiday season much more entertaining. Get yours from Crave »