2023 results

Dokubo + El Amigo
by Schemata Architects

Dokubo + El Amigo by Schemata Architects
Photo by Kenta Hasegawa

Winner: House extension of the year 2023. Schemata Architects has created and built Dokubo + El Amigo in Setouchi, Japan.

The Seto Inland Sea received renewed attention as one of Japan's original landscapes after the Covid-19 pandemic.

"From the project site, you can enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and its countless islands, with boats floating in the water as if swimming in the clouds," said Schemata Architects.

This time, Schemata Architects built two new buildings among them, keeping in mind not to disrupt the landscape and nature.

The main house, tea house, guest room and dining room were built in different designs from top to bottom on a slope overlooking the seascape to the south.

Judges comments: "A thoughtful series of structures that are between landscape and architecture. As disconnected elements, the building forces the visitor to connect nature and the rituals and routines of living, while a sensitive and unique series of materials brings a humane emphasis to the wonderful landscape and views beyond."

Studio: Schemata Architects
Project: Dokubo + El Amigo
Credits: Jo Nagasaka, Tomomi Ishibashi and TANK

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