2023 results

Mud House
by Sketch Design Studio

Mud House by Sketch Design Studio
Photo by Jeevan Jyot

Winner: House (rural) of the year 2023. Sketch Design Studio has created Mud House in India.

In northern India, Sketch Design Studio crafted a farmhouse named Mud House, inspired by the region's historic step wells.

The 185-square-metre single-storey home evokes the grid-like staircases of step wells with overlapping staircases leading to two roof terraces.

The design prioritised local artisanal techniques, using rammed earth walls mixed with lime and fenugreek seeds, and thatched roofs made from local wild grasses.

Reclaimed stone and lime waste were employed to minimise the carbon footprint, while the layout caters to Alwar's extreme climate, offering shade in summer and sun in winter.

Judges comments: "Looking backwards to see the future, this house engages with traditional local building techniques to make architecture that is proportioned around thoughtful patterns of living and characterful, expressive materials. The project exemplifies a sustainable approach to contemporary residential architecture that fits harmoniously with its place and community."

Studio: Sketch Design Studio
Project: Mud House
Credits: Client: Sunita & Nikunj Sanghi, Structural consultant: Mangesh Jadav, Special mention: Akhil Shajan

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