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Campus Betterware Guadalajara (CBG)
by Estudio MMX + Luis Campos

Campus Betterware Guadalajara CBG by Estudio MMX
Photo by César Béjar

Winner: Workplace project of the year 2023. Estudio MMX in collaboration with Luis Campos has designed the Campus Betterware Guadalajara (CBG) in El Arenal, Mexico.

Situated on a 7.5-hectare site, the 15,000-square-meter campus serves as a key facility for Betterware, offering administrative spaces, warehouses, and worker amenities including a cafeteria, gym, leisure room, hairdresser, laundry, infirmary, and children's nursery.

The design focuses on continuity between different programmatic areas, with nine individual buildings set within lush garden landscapes, connected by pathways. CBG's exterior features red-toned concrete and steel, while the interior showcases voluminous spaces and exposed structural elements.

Sustainable features include passive ventilation, natural lighting, solar panels, and a rainwater harvesting system.

Judges comments: "In a typology that is often overlooked by architects, the warehouse, distribution facilities and associated workspaces in this project have been designed as a more human-centred series of spaces for the workers. The project balances the industrial efficiency of the warehouse with a clear spatial and structural order. Its arrangement and creative use of standard structural elements result in playful and visually interesting spaces that serve to make the mundane humane."

Studio: Estudio MMX
Project: Campus Betterware Guadalajara CBG
Credits: Estudio MMX and Luis Campos

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