2023 results

Six Senses Rome
by Patricia Urquiola

Six Senses Rome by Patricia Urquiola
Photo by (C) Luca Rotondo

Winner: Hotel and short stay interior of the year 2023. Patricia Urquiola has designed the Six Senses Rome space in Rome, Italy.

In the interior project designed by Patricia Urquiola for Six Senses Rome, a harmonious connection with nature infuses all spaces.

From communal areas to bedrooms, both evocative references and the well-chosen use of materials are consistent with the location and with the Six Senses ethos.

"Studio Urquiola focuses on well-being, a sense of friendliness and a commitment to sustainable design," said Patricia Urquiola.

This project is a prime example of that ethos, where details, craftsmanship, finishes and graphics create a union – while staying true to all the architectural stratifications of Palazzo Salviati Cesi Mellini's rich history.

Judges comments: "The complexity and scale of a project like Six Senses Rome is incredible. The historic Palazzo Salviati Cesi Mellini is a very special piece of architecture and Patricia and her team have completed a superb restoration, creating a hotel which differs from the usual Roman and Italian hospitality building offerings."

Studio: Patricia Urquiola
Project: Six Senses Rome
Credits: Starching, Professor Paolo Micalizzi and Quaroni-Micalizzi

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