2023 results

by Mizetto

Lumber by Mizetto
Photo by Jonas Lindström Studio

Winner: Workplace design of the year 2023. Mizetto and Addi have developed and designed Lumber.

"Lumber lets people hang, lean, linger and loiter without the unnecessary physical strain of sitting down only to get back up again," told Mizetto.

Developed for places where traditional seating or chairs are redundant or too spacious, Lumber is a playful rest area ready to be taken on by both suits and school children.

Lumber stems from the idea of the mobile office and as the name suggests, a soft beam for a quick rest.

With no obvious back or front, Lumber can be placed in most spaces and or hung on a wall for maximum expression yet minimal space.

Judges comments: "This furniture collection proposes a new typology for the workplace as well as other public spaces. The ‘positively lightweight’ design is stripped of unnecessary details yet remains flexible and versatile in its applications."

Studio: Mizetto
Project: Lumber
Credits: Addi

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