2023 results

El Priorato
by Atienza Maure Arquitectos

El Priorato by Atienza Maure Arquitectos
Photo by Simone Bossi

Winner: House renovation of the year 2023. Atienza Maure Arquitectos has restored El Priorato in Trespaderne, Spain.

This project involved the restoration of a 16th-century Castilian house that had been damaged by a fire in 2011.

The original stone walls, staircase with vault, and collapsed arch stones were the only remnants.

The rehabilitation included the addition of new skylights to bring natural light into the space and the reinterpretation of original elements, such as stone arches, transformed into white concrete arches.

"The design aimed to create a playful and hedonistic experience of space, encouraging exploration, and providing a multi-functional space with constantly evolving potential," said Atienza Maure Arquitectos.

Judges comments: "This house presents a compelling and sensitive approach to the restoration of an existing building where the understanding of and care for its existing fabric and context is evident in the architectural approach.

"The project strikes a careful balance between new and old, with restrained modern interventions creating a confident order of spaces around new patterns of living. The new structures both contrast to and create a positive tension with the restored buildings."

Studio: Atienza Maure Arquitectos
Project: El Priorato

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