2023 results

32°N Sunglasses
by Deep Optics

32°N Sunglasses by Deep Optics
Photo by Deep Optics Studio

Winner: Product design (consumer design and wearables) of the year 2023. Deep Optics has designed lenses that dynamically correct vision impairment.

The 32°N sunglasses use pixelated liquid crystal (LC) lenses which mimic human eye behaviour, providing wearers with the ability to focus on objects at will. Users can seamlessly switch between near vision and scenic views, replicating the natural vision of the human eye.

Suitable for a range of outdoor activities, the sunglasses not only serve as eyewear but also offer dynamic reading correction.

The proprietary LC technology adds minimal weight and bulk to the glasses, ensuring a natural appearance.

The 32°N sunglasses are the first product from Deep Optics, following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2021.

Judges comments: "Revolutionary technology and an exciting development for those with sight impairment. Seemingly simple integration of advanced technologies to correct the user’s vision. Hardware can be updated to change with user’s prescription. Great potential for further development."

Studio: Deep Optics
Project: 32°N Sunglasses

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