2023 results

Reisinger Studio
by Isern Serra

Studio Reisinger by Isern Serra

Winner: Workplace interior (small) of the year 2023. Isern Serra has designed Studio Reisinger in Barcelona, Spain.

This project's aim was to design a workspace through elements influenced by the existing architecture into a raw space where the concrete structure is exposed in its crudest state.

Playing with the counterpoint of the elegance and sophistication of the elements that structure the space, Studio Reisinger was created.

Treated as true sculptures made of stainless steel, the staircase acts as a bridge in the verticality of the space and the kitchen in its horizontally.

Elements inspired by the digital world of Andres Reisinger evoke a surreal, dreamlike and sculptural space.

Judges comments: "Reisinger's studio is functional and gives importance to rough architecture. The use of concrete tonality is very enveloping and warm. The design details give the studio a work and comfort-balance, with the outside lighting softening the interior spaces."

Studio: Isern Serra
Project: Studio Reisinger

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