2023 results

by Formway for Noho

Lightly by Formway
Photo by Samuel Hartnett

Winner: Furniture design of the year 2023. Formway has created Lightly, a lightweight chair made from recycled waste, for Noho.

"Made from plant polymers and recycled waste, Lightly is a lightweight, stackable, durable chair designed to do it all, with less," said Formway.

Designed for Noho by the award-winning studio Formway, and weighing just 2.75kg (6lb), Lightly is made possible through a revolutionary plant-based polymer – a material used in demanding conditions by the automotive industry.

This strong, stable material makes our ambitiously fine and complex frame possible, allowing design freedom to create a distinctive, light chair that exceeds commercial durability and safety standards.

Formway's ergonomic expertise means Lightly is as comfortable as it is versatile, suiting compact urban homes through to commercial spaces.

Judges comments: "Well constructed, lightweight and stackable chair with an elegant form. A chair for many environments, using a minimal amount of materials and avoiding too many composites to aid with recycling."

Studio: Formway
Project: Lightly
Credits: Noho

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