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PulpaTronics RFID Tags
by PulpaTronics

PulpaTronics RFID Tags by PulpaTronics
Photo by PulpaTronics

Winner: Sustainable design (consumer) of the year 2023. PulpaTronics has developed a more sustainable approach to radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags.

PulpaTronics has designed recyclable, paper-only RFID tags – simple electronic circuits embedded in products for identification through radio signals used in item tracking and inventory management.

PulpaTronics alternative combines two novel technologies to create paper-only RFID tags that do not require an antenna or a microchip – eliminating metal mining, streamlining manufacturing processes and reducing overall environmental impact.

The resulting RFID tags are recyclable and significantly cheaper than conventional tags.

By making RFID tags more accessible, the technology helps retailers achieve their sustainability goals – while empowering customers to confidently dispose of RFID tags and make more conscious decisions.

Judges comments: "PulpaTronics' trackable RFID tags are a great example of mono-material design, using biomaterials instead of metals or plastics to create a smart product that is both recyclable and compostable. The judges hope this recognition will help to incentivise wider adoption, which could help to bring about huge systemic change in a world where traceability and accountability are increasingly crucial."

Studio: PulpaTronics
Project: PulpaTronics RFID Tags

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