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Park Hill Phase 2
by Mikhail Riches

Park Hill Phase 2 by Mikhail Riches.
Photo by Tim Crocker

Winner: Sustainable renovation of the year 2023. Sustainable Project of the Year 2023. Mikhail Riches has revived and regenerated the Park Hill estate in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Completed in 1961 by Sheffield City Council, Park Hill was initially hailed as a success, but a number of factors led to its decline.

It was saved from demolition by its Grade 2 Listing in 1998, making it Europe's largest listed structure, containing 1,000 homes.

Phase 2 of the development preserves the iconic brutalist structure while adding 195 contemporary homes.

The studio took a 'light touch' approach for this phase of Park Hill's regeneration, retaining the concrete frame, brickwork and party walls. Upgraded energy systems and balcony panels in mid-century hues provide insulation and significant carbon reduction.

"[We] wanted to pay homage to the estate's origins, combining modern living with nostalgic nods," said Mikhail Riches. "Colourful front doors, patterned mats and other personalised touches aim to emphasise community and individuality."

Judges comments: "Park Hill is a demonstrable example that it's possible to do things differently. Mikhail Riches has taken the ruin of a concrete post-war mass housing project, which was an iconic building of its time, and shown how to care for its legacy while giving it dignity.

"The architects have managed to make the building more beautiful while also making it more beneficial, proving that the two things can exist at the same time.

Studio: Mikhail Riches
Project: Park Hill Phase 2
Credits: Civic Engineers, Austin-Smith:Lord, Greengauge and Beechfield

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