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Kingway Brewery Renovation
by Urbanus Architecture & Design

Kingway Brewery Renovation by Urbanus Architecture & Design
Photo by TAL

Winner: Heritage project of the year 2023. Urbanus Architecture & Design has renovated Kingway Brewery into a diverse cultural and artistic landmark in Guangdong, China.

Located in Luohu, Shenzhen's central district, Kingway Brewery had been mostly demolished. Urbanus integrated the scattered industrial buildings and equipment remnants into its design, linking free-standing structures via a sculpted plinth.

The brewery's original structures were reinforced and restored, with facades stripped away to reveal the original concrete. Contrasting textures were added in the form of terrazzo flooring, cast aluminium and handmade ceramic tiles.

Legacy structures and fermentation kettles have been adapted for creative activities and public spaces, encompassing exhibition venues, performance areas, restaurants, bars, and landscaped gardens.

Judges comments: "This project is a rare example of industrial heritage being celebrated and preserved by converting it into a public space that serves the local community. The design deftly handles the contrast between new and old elements and, despite the huge site, the architects have managed to create intimate pockets of space within it."

Studio: Urbanus Architecture & Design
Project: Kingway Brewery Renovation
Credits: Guangdong Yuehai Land Holdings, China Academy of Building Research, Studio 10, Shenzhen Jiusi Interior Design, RoboticPlus.AI, TUANHOOC, SURE Design, Z Design & Planning

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