2022 results

The F.Forest Office
by Atelier Boter

F.Forest Office community centre in Taiwan by Atelier Boter

Winner: Small workspace interior of the year 2022. Atelier Boter has created a multifunctional space in Taiwan to serve the community.

The project is located in the fishing village of Qifong in Linbian, south of Pingtung. It is part-workspace and part-community hub, and was started by a young local to enliven the predominantly elderly fishing village.

On weekdays, the small space is divided by a curtain to accommodate a workspace and a classroom; on weekends the curtain is pulled open to transform the space into an open community area, and occasionally a 30-person-capacity banquet dining space. Tucked behind is a kitchen.

A cement patio was put in place to echo the local pattern of veranda space, home to gatherings on breezy evenings. The glass facade extends the landscape to the wooden interior, creating a warm ambience.

Judges comments: "This project is very well embedded in its cultural context and, despite a small budget, the designers were able to create something beautiful and modern – a small jewel within an old fishing village."

Designer: Atelier Boter

Project: The F.Forest Office

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