2022 results

Studio Samuel Tomatis

Designs from Studio Samuel Tomatis
Photo by Matthieu Barani

Winner: Emerging design studio of the year 2022. Studio Samuel Tomatis is a French design studio.

Seaweed is invading the beaches of Brittany at an alarming rate. Eutrophication is a process by which oxygen is extracted from the water due to pollution allowing this organic but polluting and toxic material to proliferate.

Samuel Tomatis Studio began working on a project five years that revealed the thousand and one properties of seaweed.

Reusing this problematic biomass and using it as a biomaterial without any addition from petrochemicals for design and furnishing is one of the great challenges taken up by the Samuel Tomatis Studio.

Judges' comments: "Many companies wear their green credentials on their sleeves without truly having a sustainable solution. But Studio Samuel Tomatis has embraced sustainability and truly committed to it."

Designer: Studio Samuel Tomatis

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