Twentieth by Woods + Dangaran
Photo by Joe Fletcher


Winner: House interior of the year 2022. Woods + Dangaran has created a California home with a balance for a family with young children.

The project is a residence for a professional couple with three young children, where flowing spaces foster a sense of togetherness alongside custom elements that display the family’s new-classic design aesthetic.

Upon entering the heart of the home, the eclectic yet sophisticated formal living room greets visitors, while the family room is cosy by comparison.

Adding further dimension to Twentieth, textures and finishes are highlighted through bespoke accents, with timeless natural stone, wood, and hand-plastered surfaces serving as a canvas to pops of colour such as deep avocado and sumptuous salmon elegantly personalising the space for warmth and character.

Judges comments: "This project demonstrates a nice interplay between inside and outside and a good mix of different finishes and textures."

Designer: Woods + Dangaran

Project: Twentieth