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i29 Interior Architects
Photo by Ewout Huibers

Winner: Interior design studio of the year 2022. i29 is an Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary design studio.

i29 is an international design studio for interior and architecture projects that delivers progressive work known for its simplicity. In an ever-evolving digital world, the studio's aim is to shape physical experiences into clear, effective and surprising solutions.

It aims to show how design can really make places, attract people and change destinations, often working with a small budget and limited use of resources to realise powerful results.

The studio's work is outspoken and bold, encompassing projects on both new constructions as well as renovations of heritage buildings to bring new life to old structures, with a diverse portfolio that gives rise to original thinking and working inclusively for all kinds of clients and users.

Judges' comments: "i29 continues to build on a broad range of works at various scales. They have a diverse portfolio that demonstrates their approach to unique thinking and keeping core narratives simple. The results are meaningful and celebrate subtle clever moments."

Designer: i29

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