2022 results

High Profile

High Profile by MVRDV
Photo by Valerie Clarysse

Winner: Lighting design of the year 2022. MVRDV and Delta Light have produced a series inspired by the beauty in elements normally discarded as waste.

The High Profile series is a range of luminaires inspired by a residual product: leftover aluminium profiles.

MVRDV introduced the idea to develop a new design with Delta Light's waste material, instead of inventing a completely new product. The name stems from profile lighting as a key part of architecture which often produces offcuts as a residual product – these scrap elements became the starting point of the design.

The resultant design looks critically at the manufacturing process, finding not only opportunity but also beauty in elements that are normally discarded as waste.

Judges comments: "High Profile is an ingenious use of discarded materials to create a very strong narrative. The lamp fits into a range of different aesthetics, whether you are are going for pastel or metal."

Designer: MVRDV

Project: High Profile

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