2022 results

Ecole Camondo Méditerranée
by Émilieu Studio

Photo by Antoine Huot, Ecole Camondo, Emilieu Studio

Winner: Civic and cultural interior of the year 2022 and Winner: Interiors project of the year 2022. Émilieu Studio has designed the interior of Ecole Camondo Méditerranée in Toulon, France.

This project was focused on creating a new learning space within the interiors of the Ecole Camondo Méditerranée design school.

Embedded into its region of Provence, the school is co-designed with the learning community. The designers created a space that offers new pedagogical and ecological methods in design education, as well as new aesthetic approaches to interior architecture.

"We made the radical and innovative choice for a large-scale project to design a custom interior and furniture system entirely out of recycled materials," said Émilieu Studio. "Our fully ecological space design is unique for a large school [with a] modularity, abolition of the interior/exterior dichotomy and a practical approach to environmental sciences."

Judges comments: "This school sets a new example of how to approach design education, creating a sense of openness and mobility, which is what a school should be all about."

Designer: Émilieu Studio

Project: Designing Ecole Camondo Méditerranée's Interior

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