2022 results

Deja Vu Recycle Store
by Offhand Practice

Supermarket-style shelves holding books in Deja Vu Recycle Store in Shanghai by Offhand Practice

Winner: Large retail interior of the year 2022. Offhand Practice has created an innovative space for a second-hand store in China.

The project is a second-hand books and clothes store on Anfu Road, in Shanghai.

It mimics the grocery shopping experience with an outlaid merchandise display area, calling on inspiration in the form of shelving often seen in displays of fruit and vegetables.

All books and clothing are set out as equal by means of display in this space, regardless of price range. In this way, picking up books in a manner akin to picking up fresh produce allows customers a means of enriching their spiritual basket.

Judges comments: "This is food for the mind! It's stripped back but in a confident way, exuding a calmness and thoughtful simplicity."

Designer: Offhand Practice

Project: Deja Vu Recycle Store

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