2022 results

by Sarah Hossli Product Design

Lotte – Aiding Independence in Old Age by Sarah Hossli Product Design
Photo by Severin Stark

Winner: Seating design of the year 2022. Sarah Hossli Product Design has created a design to provide intuitive assistance in coming to stand from a seated position.

Lotte addresses the idea that though we should all be independent in getting up and sitting down, often age-related impairments can make the process challenging and limit freedom in everyday life.

The design provides a solution by way of extended armrests that go all the way around the chair to serve as a handrail, enabling the user to get up intuitively in a position with minimal resistance.

The design has been developed based on research carried out in care homes, prototype testing with residents, evaluations from medical and care experts and the technical expertise of the Swiss furniture manufacturer Girsberger.

Judges comments: "Lotte is an elegant design built for purpose. It is not just another chair. The design has a very rigorous research approach and its solving a design problem that will only become more acute with old age. It is important that all areas of society have access to good design."

Designer: Sarah Hossli Product Design

Project: Lotte

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