2022 results

Bending Arc Sculpture
by Studio Echelman

Bending Arc Sculpture by Studio Echelman
Photo by AmyMartz & Majeed Foundation

Winner: Installation design of the year 2022. Studio Echelman has created a new permanent artwork in Florida that serves as a joyful point of communion for residents and visitors alike.

Janet Echelman's newest permanent artwork Bending Arc sits on the new 26-acre waterfront pier in St. Petersburg, Florida. It has become an integral part of the local community and serves as a pandemic gathering spot for joyful recreation, community gatherings and expressions of social justice.

Composed of 1,662,528 knots and 180 miles of twine, the 72-foot-tall aerial sculpture spans 424 feet over lush waterfront lawns. Its title simultaneously refers to the sculpture’s soft arcs which gently billow in the wind, and Martin Luther King Jr's words which resonate today: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

Judges comments: "Bending Arc Sculpture is about bringing people together. The installation is an amazing piece of art as well as an experience. It is a positive, beautiful contemporary moment as a memorial and is a generous gift to the public."

Designer: Studio Echelman

Project: Bending Arc Sculpture

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