2022 results

Wheeliy 2.0
by Quantum

Wheeliy 2.0 by quantum
Akihiro Kawauchi

Winner: Product design of the year 2022 and Winner: Design project of the year 2022. Quantum has created a new model of Wheeliy, the foldable wheelchair that is easy to use for both wheelchair and non-wheelchair users.

Wheeliy 2.0 is lighter than the previous model, and is available in a variety of colours to help wheelchair users get around more comfortably, emotionally and physically.

The yellow accents, which are visual hints for people who are not familiar with a wheelchair so that they can better understand how to handle it when offering help, are maintained from the previous model, yet Wheeliy 2.0 is even more focused on improving the comfort of the user on the go with elements such as armrests with a brake function, and new footrests that can be flipped up with a single action.

Judges comments: "Wheeliy is a beautifully executed design and an elegant solution to a complex issue. It is innovative the statement that resonates with us trying to integrate wheelchairs into everyday life as glasses are, lightweight materialy and sensitive, function is its primary concern."

Designer: Quantum

Project: Wheeliy 2.0

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