The Richard Rogers' Drawing Gallery by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP)
Photo by Stéphane Aboudaram

The Richard Rogers' Drawing Gallery

Winner: Small building of the year 2022. RSHP has created an art space in southern France to afford artistic expression and expansive views.

The project is situated on the top of a hill overlooking vineyards in the sunny Provençal countryside. It is an elegantly handcrafted piece of architecture and engineering that soars out dramatically into the canopy of the trees to ‘capture the view’ of the mountains of the Luberon.

A cantilevered construction, it was designed as a floating space leading the visitor to the view. The external structure, in contrast with the neutral gallery space, is enhanced by its bold orange colour specifically chosen both to complement, but also to contrast with, the surrounding seasonal landscape.

Judges comments: "This project is magical in its simplicity of thought and the complexity of its execution. The design concept behind it is very clear and has been translated to near perfection in the built form, which required an extraordinary feat of engineering. These are the kinds of buildings that would have made you want to study architecture when you were young."

Architect: RSHP

Project: The Richard Rogers' Drawing Gallery

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