2022 results

by Kenoteq

K-BriqTM by Kenoteq
Photo by ┬ęZero Waste Scotland

Winner: Sustainable design of the year 2022. Kenoteq has designed a brick that is made from recycled materials.

Kenoteq has created a brick made of 90 per cent recycled construction waste, which is currently the most sustainable brick in the world.

The K-BriqTM has been created in response to concerns over the environmental impact of traditional building material waste generated by the industry each year, placing it as the world's second-largest producer of CO2 emissions.

It gives landfill material a new lease of life, allowing the design and construction sector to reduce its carbon emissions by 90 per cent, compared to using traditional clay bricks while reducing reliance on imports.

Its technical credentials are comparable or superior to competing for traditional brick products at specification levels of structure, strength, acoustics and lifespan, while it also has double the thermal insulation qualities and is set at a competitive price point.

The product is undergoing final certification and will reach commercialisation in the UK later in 2022.

Judges comments: "K-Brik is an opportunity to have impact at scale, a thorn in the side of an industry that is largely static and crying out for disruptors."

Company: Kenoteq

Project: K-Briq

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