2022 results

Tenuto 2
by MysteryVibe

Photo by MysteryVibe

Winner: Wearable design of the year 2022. MysteryVibe has designed Tenuto 2, an adaptable wearable for erectile dysfunction.

This project is an FDA-registered medical device that provides an alternative solution for erectile dysfunction at all stages of life.

This smart wearable vibrating device for men is the world’s first of its kind bendable device, offering an affordable, accessible solution without the side effects of medication.

One of Tenuto 2's key aims is to help those with underlying health conditions who cannot take medication or suffer from ED due to post colorectal cancer, post-prostatectomy, back injury, or vascular disorders.

Judges comments: "Tenuto is about technological and design innovation. By choosing this product as wearable design of the year we are having a different type of conversation and are trying to destigmatise conversations around sex and health."

Designer: MysteryVibe

Project: Tenuto 2

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