Google's self-driving car. Photograph courtesy of Google




Omnipresent Google pops up all over Dezeen in a variety of guises: as a pioneer of self-driving cars; as a creator of virtual-reality painting software; as a rebranded company with a new logo.

Particularly popular this year was the announcement that it was about to start shipping its Project Ara modular cellphone (although it later shelved the project).

The often-radical office spaces it commissions for itself are always newsworthy, with a campus inside a former battery factory in Madrid and news of its new London base among hot stories this year.

The biggest story of all was the ongoing saga of its forthcoming HQ in California, designed by the dream-team combo of Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick.

But interestingly the most-visited story about the mega-corporation over the past year was an interview with office-design expert Jeremy Myerson, who said the Google-inspired trend for slides and ping-pong tables in offices was having a negative effect on the workspace and infantilising staff.

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