A 3D-printed concrete table, designed by a team of masters students from the school



The Bartlett

The Bartlett – University College London's faculty of the built environment – comes in number two in our schools ranking, with conceptual graduate projects featuring fantastical architectural drawings dominating the top posts about the school.

A proposal for elevated airport runways above Stockholm, a new style of architecture specifically for atheists and a vision for London's financial district all grabbed readers attention this year.

Furniture created by students using innovative 3D-printing techniques also proved popular – from a 3D-printed concrete table to a set of intricate 3D-printed filigree chairs.

Top posts:

1. Stockholm airport proposal elevates runways among city rooftops

2. Amalgamma develops 3D printing concrete technique for building structures

3. Architecture for atheists imagined in designs by student Kacper Chmielewski

4. Larisa Bulibasa reimagines London's financial district as a disorientating labyrinth

5. Joanne Chen designs factory for London artisans based on the teachings of William Morris