Studio MK27's Livraria Cultura in São Paulo. Photograph by Fernando Guerra



Marcio Kogan/Studio MK27

Studio MK27 is the Brazilian firm led by Marcio Kogan, an architect who started his career as a movie director.

Unsurprisingly many of Kogan's projects are accompanied by playful movies, although none of these have actually featured on Dezeen in the past year. But readers managed to find them anyway – with the most popular being a film of the studio's 2013 Casa P depicted as a luxury home from the 1950s.

Other projects that helped to secure Studio MK27 a spot in the top 100 include a bookshop in a converted cinema – which architect Mariana Simas told Dezeen was a "very lively space" where "people feel comfortable" – and a 65-metre-long house in the Brazilian countryside.

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