Aeureke Spa by Chiasmus Partners

Dezeen Awards 2022 architecture longlist revealed

Dezeen has revealed the architecture longlist for Dezeen Awards 2022, which feature over 300 of the world's best recently completed buildings.

The 322 longlisted buildings, which are in the running for awards in the 12 different architecture project categories, were designed by studios from 48 different countries including Peru, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, Belgium and Japan.

All longlisted architecture projects are listed below, each with a link to a dedicated page on the Dezeen Awards website where you can find an image and more information about each one.

All longlists to be announced this week

The longlists for Dezeen Awards 2022 are being announced this week. The interior projects longlist will be unveiled tomorrow, followed by the design longlist on Wednesday, the sustainability and media longlist on Thursday and the studio longlist on Friday.

Longlisted projects have been selected from over 5,400 entries from 90 countries for the fifth edition of our awards programme, which celebrates the world's best architecture, interiors and design as well as studios and individuals producing the most outstanding work.

Above: El Gouna Festival Plaza by Studio Seilern Architects has been longlisted. Photo by Paul Riddle. Top: Areuke Spa by Chiasmus Partners was also longlisted. Photo by Namsun Lee  

The next stage of Dezeen Awards 2022 will see all longlisted projects assessed by our star-studded jury of leading professionals including architects Sou Fujimoto and Yasmeen Lari and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist.

The judges will determine the projects that feature on the shortlists, which will be announced in September. A further round of judging by our master jury will determine the category winners, which will be announced in November.

The 12 winners of the architecture project awards will lock horns to be crowned overall architecture project of the year.

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Read on for the full architecture longlist:

House Zero in Austin, USA, by ICON is longlisted in the urban house category
House Zero in Austin, USA, by ICON is longlisted in the urban house category

Urban house

Shoonya House, Gujarat, India by BandukSmith Studio
I/S House, Tel Anafa, Israel, by Paritzki & Liani Architects
Villa Grieg, Norway, by Saunders Architecture
BD House, São Paulo, Brazil, by Studio Arthur Casas
Keep House, Melbourne, Australia, by BKK Architects
Bellbird House, Blackburn, Melbourne, Australia by Bower Architecture
B+B House, Los Angeles, USA, by Design, Bitches
Pyramid House, Tegna, Switzerland, by DF_DC
La Torre Bianca, Novaglie, Italy, by Dos Architects
Dog/Human, Srakaew, Thailand, by EKAR
Green House, London, United Kingdom, by Hayhurst and Co
House Zero, Austin, Texas, by ICON
Casa Mia, Perth, Australia, by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects
Light-filled Stair Hall, Tokyo, Japan, by Kiri Architects
HT Residence, Los Angeles, USA, by Laney LA
Collumpio House, Barcelona, Spain, by Mach
House of Voids, New Delhi, India by Malik Architecture
Villa West, Netherlands, by MASA Architects
Veil House, Vancouver, Canada, by Measured Architecture
Jimmy's House, Perth, Australia, by MJA Studio
Aquarium, Yokohama, Japan, by Nao Iwanari Architecture
TH House, Hanoi, Vietnam, by ODDO Architects
Lightly Weighted, Auckland, New Zealand, by Oli Booth Architecture
Church Road, London, United Kingdom, by AHMM with RUFFARCHITECTS
8 Yard House, Melbourne, Australia, by Studio Bright
House in Yanakacho, Takasaki, Japan, by Taiga Kasai + Chong Aehyang Architecture / KACH
New Farm House, Brisbane, Australia, by Tim Bennetton Architects
Brut House, London, United Kingdom, by Zac Monro Architects
House for Haan, Gent, Belgium, by Studio Haan

Browse all projects on the urban house longlist page.

Seabreeze in Cambersands, United Kingdom, by RX Architects is longlisted in the rural house category

Rural house

Hidden Stone House, Quito, Ecuador, by A1 Arquitectura Avanzada
Beside Habitat by Appareil Architecture
Holiday House Hof Ahmen, Kappeln, Germany by Atelier Sunder-Plassmann
Colo Crossings, Lower Portland, by Benn + Penna Architecture
House at Flat Rock, Bendalong, Australia, by Billy Maynard
The Polish Farmhouse, Kęty, Poland, by BXB Studio
The Greenary, Parma, Italy, by Carlo Ratti Associati
Casa na Gateira, Afife, Portugal, by César Machado Moreira
Mannal House, Mannal, United Kingdom, by Denizen Works
The Glass House, Liverpool, United Kingdom, by DK Architects
AER, Onesse-Laharie, France, by Emmanuelle Lesgourgues
Tropical Station, Lobitos Beach, Peru by Estudio RF
Casa Play, Seaside Road, Lebanon, by Far Architects
Christian Taeubert, Beijing, China, by Guò Bàn Ér
MORE Cabin, Lac Du Brochet, Canada, by Kariouk Architects
Always, Flinders, Australia, by Kennedy Nolan
Marfa Ranch, Live Oak, USA, by Lake Flato Architects
Divine House, Springfield, USA, by Landry Smith Architect
Ceangal House, Glasgow, United Kingdom, by Loader Monteith Architects
Fortunata House, Caxias do Sul, Brazil, by Luciano Lerner Basso
Retreat in the Delta, Delta San Fernando, Argentina, by MAPA Architects
Gallatin Passive House, New York, USA, by North River Architecture
Gadi House, Maval, India, by PMA Madhushala
Piyandeling Artisan House, Sindangwaas, Indonesia, by Realrich Architecture Workshop
Encinos House, Valle de Bravo, Mexico, by Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura and Claudia Rodriguez
Seabreeze, Cambersands, United Kingdom, by RX Architects
Middleton Park Gate Lodge, Middleton, Ireland, by TAKA
May's Point House, Sandford, Australia, by Tanner Architects
Açucena House, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by Tetro Arquitectura
Mount Martha House, Mount Martha, Australia, by Tim Bennetton Architects
Bugok Friday House, Jangheung-myeon, South Korea, by TRU Architects
Zhan Yuan, Courtyard House for Gazing, Yanqing, China, by Wee Studio

Browse all projects on the rural house longlist page.

Terrace House in Melbourne, Australia, by Austin Maynard Architects is longlisted in the housing project category
Terrace House in Melbourne, Australia, by Austin Maynard Architects is longlisted in the housing project category

Housing project

Edificio Cabrera, Chiclayo, Peru, by Angas Kipa
Terrace House, Melbourne, Australia, by Austin Maynard Architects
Battersea Power Station, London, United Kingdom, by Battersea Power Station Development Company
Nightingale Ballarat, Melbourne, Australia, by Breathe
The Goat Heads, Sacramento, USA, by Candid-Works
Eynsham Eco-homes, Oxford, United Kingdom, by Chance de Silva
Napier, Melbourne, Australia, by Edition Office for Milieu
Hackney Road Development, London, United Kingdom, by Hawkins\Brown
Domus Peepem, Cancun, Mexico, by Kiltro Polaris
12-13 Greek Street, London, United Kingdom, by MATT Architecture
Kampus, Manchester, United Kingdom, by Mecanoo
Austin Habitat for Humanity Mueller Row Homes, Austin, USA, by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture
Neubau Wohnungen Hardstrasse, Basel, Switzerland, by Miller & Maranta
105 Social Dwellings and 18 Soho at La Chapelle International, Paris, France, by Moussafir Architects
Pasodoble, Geneva, Switzerland, by Nomos
Cohousing De Sijs, Leuven, Belgium, by Officeu Architects
Stories, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by Olaf Gipser Architects
Nurse Dormitory Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, by Plan Architect
House 10 Otto-Wagner-Spital, Vienna, Austria, by PPAG Architects
Fawkner House, Melbourne, Australia, by Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors
18 Loftus Street, Sydney, Australia, by Silvester Fuller
Trudo Vertical Forest, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, by Stefano Boeri Architetti
The St. Regis Chicago, USA, by Studio Gang
Chadwell Mews, London, United Kingdom, by Tasou Associates
Terada House, Tokyo, Japan, by Terada Hirate Sekkei
Iasonos, Vouliagmeni, Greece, by Tsolka Architects
The Queen of Catford, London, United Kingdom, by Tsuruta Architects
Cuatro Cielos, Tulum, Mexico, by Void Studio
Forest Patio Villas, Zeist, The Netherlands, by wUrck
Primary Housing, Los Angeles, USA, by Yu2e

Browse all projects on the housing project longlist page.

Nieby Crofters Cottage in Niesgrau, Germany, by Jan Henrik Jansen and Marshall Blecher
Nieby Crofters Cottage in Niesgrau, Germany, by Jan Henrik Jansen and Marshall Blecher

Residential rebirth project

Nido House, Melbourne, Australia, by Angelucci Architects
Low Energy House, London United Kingdom, by Architecture for London
Yarra Bend House, Melbourne, Australia, by Austin Maynard Architects
Fusilier Cottage, Battery Point, Australia, by Bence Mulcahy
Comely Bank, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, by Cabins in the City
El Teatro, Barcelona, Spain, by Cadaval Estudio
Douglas Fir House, London, United Kingdom, by Christian Brailey Architects
Our Resilient House, Brisbane, Australia, by Contexture
La Clara, Barcelona, Spain, by CRÜ
Teloneio Kardamyli, Greece, by Etsi Architects
Haines Street, Melbourne, Australia, by Foomann
Lambeth Road, London, United Kingdom, by Grace Fletcher and Archer + Braun
House B-L, Destelbergen, Belgium, by Graux & Baeyens Archietcten
Courtyard House, Melbourne, Australia, by Ha Architecture
Phoenix House, Byron Bay, Australia, by Harley Graham Architects
Engawa House, Melbourne, Australia, by Inbetween Architecture
Nieby Crofters Cottage, Niesgrau, Germany, by Jan Henrik Jansen and Marshall Blecher
Cascade House, Paddington, Australia, by John Ellway Architect
Malvern House, Melbourne, Australia, by Lande Architects
Hunts Green Barn, Harpsden, United Kingdom, by Mclaren Excell
South Pasadena Residence, Los Angeles, USA, by Medium Plenty
The Perch, Austin, Texas, by Nicole Blair
Curve Appeal, London, United Kingdom, by Nimtim Architects
Leytonstone Loft, London, United Kingdom, by Rees Architects
Hlöduberg Artist Studio, Dalabyggð, Iceland, by Studio Bua
Made of Sand, Devon, United Kingdom, by Studio Weave
Loom House, Washington, USA, by The Miller Hull
Dainton Cottage, London, United Kingdom, by WRAP
Spencer Barn, Haywards Heath, United Kingdom, by Zac Monro Architects

Browse all projects on the residential rebirth project longlist page.

Victorian Tunnelling Centre in Melbourne, Australia, by Grimshaw is longlisted in the civic building category

Civic building

Project Burma Hospital, Myanmar, by A+R Architekten
New Aarch, Aarhus, Denmark, by Adept
Higashitateishi Nursery School, Tokyo, Japan by Aisaka Architects' Atelier
Jean Louis Étienne School, Coupvray, France, by Archi5
Service Center of Harbin Sino-German Eco-Tech Town, Harbin, China by Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University
Shajing Village Hall, China, by ARCity Office
Kindergarten in Renens, Switzerland, by Atelier Pulver Architectes
Last Chance for a Slow Dance, Larrabetzu, Spain, by Behark
Victorian Pride Centre, Melbourne, Australia, by Brearley Architects + Urbanists
The Digi-Tech Factory, Norwich, United Kingdom, by Coffey Architects
Stormwater Facility, Toronto, Canada, by GH3
University Refectory in Cergy, France, by Graal Architecture
Victorian Tunnelling Centre, Melbourne, Australia, by Grimshaw
Health-care Center N1 Escarcega, Mexico, by Kiltro Polaris
Quzhou Stadium, China, by MAD Architects
Northeast Bronx YMCA, New York City, USA, by Marvel
Kindergarten at Henninger Park, Los Angeles, USA, by Meixner Schlueter Wendt
Minjiang Village Courier Station, China, by MUDA Architects
Shenzhen Lotus Water Culture Base, China, by NODE Architecture & Urbanism
Pilares Pedro Vélez, Mexico City, Mexico, by Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura
Gulao Water Town Cultural Ecological Tourism Resort Guest Center, Jiangmen, China, by Shenzhen Huahui Design
Taylor Yard Bridge a.k.a. Rumblefish, Los Angeles, USA, by SPF Architects
Winter Visual Arts Center, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, USA, by Steven Holl Architects
Växjö Train Station and Town Hall, Sweden, by Sweco Architects
Yong'an Village Community Hub, Liuyang City, China, by Tongji University and Archi-union Architects
Tower of Light, Manchester, United Kingdom, by Tonkin Liu
Grand World Phu Quoc Welcome Center, Vietnam, by Vo Trong Nghia Architects
Lord's Compton and Edrich Stands, London, United Kingdom, by WilkinsonEyre
Kindergarten of Museum Forest, Shenzhen, China by Yunchao Xu, Atelier Apeiron and SZAD

Browse all projects on the civic building longlist page.

Mezaparks Open-Air Stage in Riga, Latvia, by Mailitis Architects and Arhitekta J. Pogas Birojs is longlisted in the cultural building category

Cultural building

Chalet Baie-de-Valois, Grand-Anse Park, Canada, by ADHOC Architectes
Al Wasl Plaza, Dubai, UAE, by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Argo Contemporary Art Museum & Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran, by Ahmadreza Schricker Architecture North
Sino-Italian Cultural Exchange City Reception Center, Chengdu, China, by AOE
Qintai Art Museum, Wuhan, China, by Atelier Deshaus
Museum van Bommel van Dam, Keulsepoort, The Netherlands, by Bierman Henket
The Chamber Church, Qingdao, China, by Büro Ziyu Zhuang
Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre, Skamlingvejen, Denmark, by CEBRA
Pingtan Book House, Pingtan, China, by Condition_Lab
Shepparton Art Museum, Shepparton, Australia, by Denton Corker Marshall
Animu Media Library in Porto-Vecchio, France, by Dominique Coulon & Associés
Ilulissat Icefjord Centre, Sermermiut, Greenland, by Dorte Mandrup A/S
Walk / House, Phetchabun, Thailand, by EKAR
Progeso Museum of Geology, Mexico City, Mexico, by Estudio MMX
Shaoxing Rice Wine Town Reception Room, Shaoxing, China, by Gad
Guildford Crematorium, Guilford, United Kingdom, by Haverstock
F51 Skate Park, Folkestone, United Kingdom, by Hollaway Studio
East Quay, Watchet, United Kingdom, by Invisible Studio
The Burrell Collection, Glasgow, United Kingdom, by John McAslan + Partners
Mezaparks Open-Air Stage Riga, Latvia, by Mailitis Architects and Arhitekta J. Pogas Birojs
Santiago Carbonell Foundation Museum, Querétaro, Mexico, by Miguel Concha Arquitectura
Conversion and Extension Gletschergarten, Luzern, Switzerland, by Miller & Maranta
Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam, The Netherlands, by MVRDV
A Duality: The Chuan Malt Whisky Distillery, Yansi Village, China, by Neri&Hu Research and Design Office
Chapel of Sound, Beijing, China, by OPEN
SZEM Museum Collection Storage, Székesfehérvár, Hungary, by Robert Gutowski Architects
Levitated Curtain, Guangzhou, China, by Say Architects
Nancy and Rich Kinder Museum Building, Houston, Texas, by Steven Holl Architects
Walsh Bay Arts Precinct Sydney, Australia, by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architect
House of Music, Budapest, Hungary by Varosliget Zrt.

Browse all projects on the cultural building longlist page.

Jakob Factory in Saigon, Vietnam, by G8A Architects is longlisted in the business building category
Jakob Factory in Saigon, Vietnam, by G8A Architects is longlisted in the business building category

Business building

D1 @ Design District, London, United Kingdom, by Architecture 00
C1 @ Design District, London, United Kingdom, by Architecture 00
Atelier 56S, Rennes, France, by Atelier 56S
Pearl River Brewery Phase II, Guangzhou, China, by Atelier cnS
Cascina Elena Winery, Piedmonte, Italy, by BRH+
Barco del Corneta Winery,La Seca, Spain, by Buho Arquitectos
Spor X, Drammen, Norway, by Dark Architects
B4 @ Design District, London, United Kingdom, by David Kohn Architects
New, ZAC PSA Asnières, France, by Dubuisson Architecture
CBG Campus, Guadalajara, Mexico, by Estudio MMX and Architect Luis
Jakob Factory Saigon, Vietnam, by G8A Architects and Rollimarchini Architekten
Furla Headquarters Progetto Italia, Italy, by Geza Architettura
Caisse d'Epargne Bourgogne Franche Comté Headquarters, Dijon, France, by Graam Architecture
Central Park, Utrecht, The Netherlands, by Group A
Casino Futur, Bremen, Germany, by Gruppe GME
Carmo Coffees by Gustavo Penna Architect & Associates
KAB House, Copenhaguen, Denmark, by Henning Larsen
Bureau at the Design District [C3], London, United Kingdom, by HNNA
Hitra Office Building, Tehran, Iran, by Hooba Design Group
New Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Audemars Piguet, Le Locle, Switzerland, by Kunik de Morsier Architectes
Modul'Air, Paris, France, by LFA
Rooftop Greenhouse Agrotopia, Roeselare, Belgium, by Meta Architectuurbureau
Bruges Meeting and Convention Centre, Bruges, Belgium, by Meta Architectuurbureau
Xinglong Lake Citic Bookstore, Chengdu, China, by MUDA Architects
Center for Novel Therapeutics, San Diego, USA, by Perkins and Will
IKEA: The Good Neighbour, Vienna, Austria, by Querkraft Architekten
Salagnac Arquitectos Design Studio by Salagnac Arquitectos
52 Reservoir Street, Sydney, Australia, by SJB
Abbott Claim Winery, Carlton, USA, by Soderstrom Architects
Secure Sanand, Gujarat, India, by Studio Saar

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Kennels in Qinhuangdao, China, by Atelier GOM is longlisted in the hospitality building category
Kennels in Qinhuangdao, China, by Atelier GOM is longlisted in the hospitality building category

Hospitality building

Harding Boutique Hotel, Ahangama, Sri Lanka, by Anarchitect
Sleeping Lab-Arch, Beijing, China, by Atelier d'More
Kennels, Qinhuangdao, China, by Atelier GOM
Begonia Inn, Chenzhou, China, by Atelier Mearc
Areuke Spa, Seoul, South Korea, by Chiasmus Partners
Hill Country Wine Cave, Texas Hill Country, USA, by Clayton Korte
The Alice Hawthorn, Nun Monkton, United Kingdom, by De Matos Ryan
Farmers Circle, Radiškis, Lithuania, by DO Architects
Casona Sforza, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, by Dorica
Restaurant of Metasequoia Grove, Shanwan Village, China, by GOA
Hotel Terrestre, Oaxaca, Mexico, by Grupo Habita
Buckle Street Studios, London, United Kingdom, by Grzywinski+Pons
The Rock Cabins, Vigántpetend, Hungary, by Hello Wood
Tree Hut on Volcano, Mt. Kamiyama, Japan, by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP
The Moving Kitchen, Taiwan, by J.C. Architecture
Slab Hill Lifestyle Lab, Changsha, China, by Line+
A Village at the End of the Earth, Shobac, Canada, by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects
Wuxiang Mountain Qiu Hu Station, Nanjing, China, by Mix Architecture
Icaro Hotel, Castelrotto, Italy, by MoDusArchitects
The Relic Shelter, Fuzhou Teahouse, China, by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office
Aeon, South Tyrol, Italy, by NOA
Under The Sun, Pattaya Beach, Thailand, by Patchara+Ornnicha Architecture
In S&N Resort, West Dharma Village, China by Penda China
DevaDhare Restaurant, Sakleshpur, India, by Play Architecture
Steirereck am Pogusch, Pogusch, Austria, by PPAG Architects
Valle San Nicolás Clubhouse, Valle de Bravo, Mexico, by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos
Patina Maldives,  Fari Island, Maldives, by Studio MK27
Bodrum Loft, Bodrum, Turkey, by Tabanlioglu Architects
Villa M, Paris, France, by Triptyque Architecture
Building 3 for Fortune Art Homestay, Xiyaotou Village, China, by Wutopia Lab

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Guiyang Bearing Factory
The Revitalisation of the Shenyang Dongmaoku Warehouses, Shenyang, China, by Urbanus Architecture & Design is longlisted in the rebirth project category

Rebirth project

The Rebirth of The Convent Saint-François, Corsica, France, by Amilia Tavella Architectes
TMT Folding Park Reconstruction, Beijing, China, by Approach Design
Field, London, United Kingdom, by Artist Hive Studios
The Blue Market Bermondsey, London, United Kingdom, by Assemble Studio
Pearl River Brewery Phase II, Guangzhou, China, by Atelier cnS
Ziin Beijing Store, China, by Atelier Tao+C
Upcycling Pavillon Pilot Project Icarus Open Air Museum, Ca' Lazzara, Italy, by Barman Architects
WaterShed, Wardle Academy, Rochdale, United Kingdom, by BDP
Timber Adaptive Reuse Theater, New York City, USA, by CO Adaptive Architecture
Renovation Grotto della Roccia, Lugano, Switzerland, by Enrico Sassi Architetto
Royal Society for Blind Children: Life Without Limits Centre, London, United Kingdom, by EPR Architects
Lundies House, Tongue, United Kingdom, by GRAS
Rieckshof Photo Studio, Rieckshof, Germany, by Helga Blocksdorf/Architektur
Incision – Nantou City Guesthouse, Nantou, China, by Neri&Hu
Monastero, Lake Garda, Italy, by Network of Architecture
Good Cycle Building, Nagoya, Japan, by Nori Architects
Résidence Bertelotte, Paris, France, by NZI Architectes
Rooftop Garden of O'Donnell Maternity Hospital, Madrid, Spain, by Padilla Nicas Arquitectos
BSP20 House, Barcelona, Spain, by Raul Sanchez Architects
Koko, London, United Kingdom, by Archer Humphryes Architects and Olly Bengough
Jubilee Pool, Penzance, United Kingdom, by Scott Whitby Studio
Bok Building, Philadelphia, USA, by Scout
The Foundry, London, United Kingdom, by Timothy Hatton Architects
Wuhan Rescue + Home Stray Animal Adoption Project, Wuhan, China, by UAO Design Architectural Design
Revitalisation of the Shenyang Dongmaoku Warehouses, Shenyang, China, by Urbanus Architecture & Design
JJJ House, Tainan City, Taiwan, by UrbanWasabi
Renovation Project of Guiyang Bearing Factory, Guiyang, China, by XAA
L'Ecurie at Dorfold Hall, Nantwich, United Kingdom, by Zoe Polya-Vitry

Browse all projects on the rebirth project longlist page.

MORE Cabin in Lac Du Brochet, Canada, by Kariouk Architects is longlisted in the small building category
MORE Cabin in Lac Du Brochet, Canada, by Kariouk Architects is longlisted in the small building category

Small building

Robotically Fabricated Structure, Ann Arbor, USA, by ADR Laboratory
Drovers' Bough, Herefordshire, United Kingdom, by Akin Studio
Shajing Ruin Garden, Shenzhen, China, by ARCity Office
UFO, Fiskars, Finland, by Ateljé Sotamaa
Bivacco Bredy, Aosta Valley, Italy, by BCW Collective
ANNA Stay Model 2022 by Cabin ANNA
Penfold, London, United Kingdom, by De Matos Ryan
Construction Skills School, London, United Kingdom, by EBBA Architects
The 4th Wall, Seekopf, Austria, by Eldine Heep
Picolo, Coromandel, New Zealand, by Gerard Dombroski Workshop
Unlog, Virginia, USA, by Hannah
Erlebnisportal am Stadtschloss Weimar, Germany, by Helga Blocksdorf / Architektur
Qinglong River Landscape Pavilion, Gonghe, China, by Huazhong University of Science and Technology and F.O.G. Architects
Chestnut House, Valeflor, Portugal, by João Mendes Ribeiro
Ladan Scania, Sweden, by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur
MORE Cabin, Lac Du Brochet, Canada, by Kariouk Architects
Garden House, Tokyo, Japan, by Keiji Ashizawa Design
Floating Sauna Derby, Lake Derby, Australia, by Licht Architecture
Wood Pavilion #1 – An Experiment of Archetype, Zhenjiang, China, by LIN Architecture
The Lightcatcher, Melbourne, Australia, by MAP Studio
Temporary Tiger, Austin, USA, by Murray Legge Architecture
Grampians Peaks Trail Stage 2, Grampians, Australia, by Noxon Giffen Architecture
Lightly Weighted, Auckland, New Zealand, by Oli Booth Architecture
Tipos de Espacios, Logroño, Spain, by Palma and Hanghar
The Richard Rogers' Drawing Gallery, Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France, by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Visitor centre and Remote Observatories of the Lonja Wetlands, Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, Croatia, by Roth&Čerina
Silence - Alone in a World of Wounds, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, United Kingdom, by Studio Morison
Cinders, Scottsdale, Arizona, by The School of Architecture
Arbor Kitchen, Wald, Germany, by TUM School of Engineering and Design

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Ponder in Melbourne, Australia, by Taylor Knights and James Carey
Ponder in Melbourne, Australia, by Taylor Knights and James Carey is longlisted in the landscape design category

Landscape project

Flower Field Bamboo Pavilion, Foshan City, China, by Atelier cnS
Glade of Light, Manchester, United Kingdom, by BCA Landscape
La Pista500, Torino, Italy, by Benedetto Camerana Studio
Yuandang Bridge, Qingpu, China, by Brearley Architects+Urbanists
Luma Arles, Parc Des Ateliers Arles, France, by Bureau Bas Smets
Songzhuang Micro Community Park, Tongzhou, China, by Crossboundaries
Su Vertical nos Retiene, Cerrillos, Chile, by Elton Leniz Arquitectos Associados
Bailuwan Cherry Blossom Town, Rizhao, China by Guangzhou
Little Island, New York City, USA, by Heatherwick Studio
Doune Castle: Ardoch Burn Crossing, Doune, United Kingdom, by HES
The Gathering Place, Inverness, United Kingdom, by KHBT
Skovbrynet Basecamp, Denmark, by Kragh & Berglund
Espérance Bridge, London, United Kingdom, by Moxon Architects
Terminal and Urban Park in São Luís, Brazil by Natureza Urbana
Windesheim Estate, Overijssel, The Netherlands, by NEXT Architects
Poonehzar-Farm, Fars, Iran, by Shid Architects
Minhang Riverfront Regeneration, Shanghai, China, by Spark Architects
El Gouna Festival Plaza, El Gouna, Egypt, by Studio Seilern Architects
Ponder, Melbourne, Australia, by Taylor Knights and James Carey
Swing Bridge, London, United Kingdom, by Tonkin Liu
Gosford Leagues Club Park, Gosford, Australia, by Turf Design Studio
Curtin Yarning Circle, Perth, Australia, by UDLA
Cycling through the Heathland, Hoge Kempen National Park, Belgium, by Visit Limburg
Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Robert W. Wilson Overlook by Weiss/Manfredi
Station Biologique de Roscoff, France, by Wip Architecture
Wilderness Gardenand Amphitheater, Yanjiao Village, China, by Z'scape

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